A new era of healthcare communication



Improved cost management, quality of care, and patient satisfaction.

  • Coordinate Better Care
  • Manage Hospital More Effectively
  • Reduction of Readmission Rates


Send information to the right person in the right place at the right time.

  • Synchronize All Communication
  • Connect Anywhere
  • Send Images & Labs


Integrates directly with hospital systems, ensuring system security and compliance.

  • Be Secure & Compliant with HIPAA
  • Store Media Safely
  • Make Security a Priority


Saving 50 minutes each day per clinician with Medigram.

Discharging a patient with physician orders in 20 minutes, not 12 hours.


  • Integration with EHR
  • Send & Receive Attachments
  • Offline Messaging
  • Multiple Hospital Linked Accounts for Health Systems
  • Message Groups & Departments
  • Flag Messages as Urgent
  • Message Routing Based on Availability
  • Read Receipts
  • Organizing Conversations by Care Team

Device independent, total security, simple implementation

Medigram is the only mobile-first product that allows hospitals to move to the next generation of communication. With HIPAA compliance and security in mind, we allow clinicians to benefit from the same features as paging networks and consumer messaging applications. We optimize care coordination and are helping health systems save money on preventing readmissions.

Equip physicians to focus on patient care

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