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Reliable Mobile Technology to Save Lives and Improve Financial Health

The Medigram application allows clinicians to communicate quickly, reliably, and securely. Our main goal is to dramatically reduce time to treatment and thereby save lives and reduce costs by allowing physicians to collaborate via iOS, Android smartphones or computers everywhere with instant insights. 

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Providing a Life-Saving Service




Compliance & Security

It works in healthcare environments for mobile when no other heathcare apps will. 

We work with you at the elbow and the whiteboard while delivering technology and services that drive results for your patients and physicians.

The attention paid to the compliance and security built into the Medigram solution allows your team to sleep well at night.

About Us

We’re an experienced and passionate team driven by our vision to solve the leading cause of preventable death, a delay in communication. Medigram provides a mobile communication app and platform for physicians which is the only solution designed to work securely when no other healthcare apps can and with the security that medicine deserves built in at all levels of the solution. Our implementation services and data insights are built to drive better patient outcomes and financial results for our customer partners. We serve health systems that share our vision for the benefits that faster care brings towards improving quality and financial outcomes built on a foundation of market leading security. This is unlike existing physician communication tools, which are not proven to be reliable, secure, nor possess the ability to deliver results for patients, physicians, and clients.

Why Medigram 

Doctors need to get ahold of one another quickly. They can't now because it routinely takes two or more hours for them to receive imessages or text messages which do not have medical grade compliance and security. 

  • Medigram is engineered to work when nothing else does for the physician on mobile.

  • Medigram is building compliance and security into all levels of the solution so that our customers can sleep at night, as physicians increasingly demand mobility.

  • Our team has been in your shoes as Head of IT or Chief Medical Officer. We understand how to help you deliver results for your patients, physicians, and other stakeholders.

The Medigram solution was 100% designed for physicians and your unique work environment and workflow. Everything from the Medigram technology to services is built to enable physicians to deliver faster, safer, and better patient care. The Medigram team brings decades of experience and networks in all corners of healthcare administration and medicine. We are veterans in enterprise mobile technologies and systems built for reliability and resilience. We are health system C-level IT executives, experienced operators, sales executives, technologists, physician executives, data experts, AI ethics, and policy geeks.


Sherri Douville

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President & CEO

Board Member


Eric Svetcov

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Chief Technology Officer &

Chief Security Officer

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Arthur Douville, M.D.

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Joe Mulhearn

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Chief Medical Officer

 Head of Revenue

The Medigram Team is Thrilled to Land on Multiple Top U.S. CEO & CTO Lists in Several Categories of Technology & Healthcare by Startups US in May 2022
​We're delighted to be recognized in May, 2022 on 4 separate top CEO lists for iOS, Big Data, Information Technology, and Healthcare as well as top CTO lists for IT, Big Data, and Healthcare. We explore these rankings and the data used for them, click on this image here to learn more.

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The Medigram Team is Truly Honored to Be Selected by the Top Academic Book Publisher in the U.S., Taylor & Francis to Write the Book on Mobile Medicine

Medigram CEO, Sherri Douville is also excited to partner with top national trust in medical data researcher and biomedical ethicist on Building Trust in Engineering for Clinical IoT


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