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Sherri Douville

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Sherri creates the Medigram vision, aligns priorities, and gathers strategic resources. Before being promoted to CEO in December 2014, Sherri led the commercial team and fundraising strategy. Since her promotion, Sherri has grown the company to reach customers in 7 states. While expanding Medigram's customer base, Sherri has been focused on developing the team and building the next generation product with IoT in mind. Prior to working at Medigram, Sherri completed her B.S. at Santa Clara University, owned a healthcare technology consulting practice and served as a Senior Sales Executive at Johnson & Johnson. She lives in Los Gatos, CA with her husband, and enjoys cooking with friends, reading, writing, fitness, and travel.


Chuck Devita

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Chuck brings a level of accuracy and efficiency that creates a new level of sales performance in the healthcare industry. He has been working with SaaS Solutions since 1999 and has expertise in software development, cloud, and security. He has developed regional and worldwide sales forces and has an extensive international background. Chuck led the growth of two startups and turnaround of a public company. He is a recognized speaker and visionary on sales and marketing management for technology companies being a frequent speaker at company meetings and industry forums. Chuck is a Bay Area native having attended Santa Clara University as an undergrad and Stanford for his MBA. He enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, playing tennis, biking, and sailing.


Bob Dionne

Chief Architect

As Chief Software Architect, Bob works with engineering, marketing, and sales to both design and build products that support Medigram's mission. Bob has extensive past experience in healthcare. This is his fourth startup; formerly being part of the founding team at Apelon, a healthcare informatics company focused on data standardization and interoperability. At Apelon, he pioneered a highly performing classification system. Prior to that Bob worked in math sciences at IBM T.J. Watson, focusing on artificial intelligence. Bob holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Lowell, an MS in Mathematics from Michigan State. University, and earned an ABD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania while working at Watson. When not programming, Bob is a lover of classical music and serves as a trustee of Hoff Barthelson Music School and the Yellow Barn Music Festival. In his free time he pretends to manage a small forest.


Yoela Palkin

Head of User Experience & Product

As Head of User Experience, Yoela brings incredible experience and understanding of the consumer from both the enterprise and end-user perspective. Yoela is extremely detail oriented and has brought many processes to Medigram to develop faster release cycles and a better user interface. Yoela was Founder & CTO of MyEnterprise Applications for 3 years before being acquired by a top Israeli software engineering firm. She was responsible for growing a mobile development team that specialized in the creation of some of the first applications for Fortune 500 companies ranging from healthcare to gaming. Yoela has been a consultant to top technology companies in the Bay Area. Yoela is also a Bay Area local having attended U.C. Berkeley for Computer Science and Stanford for Technology Entrepreneurship. With Medigram, Yoela has found her passion to impact healthcare by bringing her deep mobile development experience to an industry undergoing transformation that requires innovation in mobile.

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Medigram is a SaaS company working to deliver the best secure mobile communication and user experience designed specifically for healthcare. Medigram enables physicians and care teams to communicate quickly and securely on iOS, Android, and the web, saving customers both time and operating cash. Medigram is the only solution to be backed by independent research performed at Stanford Healthcare and published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, and we have filed three healthcare-specific patents. We imagine a world free of pagers supported by our key hardware patent and we’re currently building the next generation IoT platform to securely deliver the right data at the right time to the right clinician. On the team, we have the Co-Chair of the American Bar Association's Information Security committee to handle our privacy and security, ensuring that Medigram continues to exceed HIPAA and HITECH healthcare privacy law requirements. As a company, our mission is to improve patient care through efficient communication, and we're doing this by serving our growing list of customers and building our next generation IoT platform. Unlike other secure-messaging companies, Medigram is dedicated to healthcare, and designed with the hard, healthcare-specific requirements in mind. This enables us to provide a tailored solution for our customers, with our product, service, and compliance solutions all geared towards healthcare. Medigram combines the importance of user education and privacy and security with the continued development of cutting edge technology. GAAP compliant and operating under a board of directors, Medigram is a Delaware C corporation founded in 2012.


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