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Joe Mulhearn, Head of Revenue

Joe Mulhearn is serving as Head of Revenue for Medigram leveraging his deep expertise in Pricing, Contracting, Procurement, IT finance, IT infrastructure, and end user support.

He's the former founding Head of a program management office, PMO for Schering Plough, now Merck. Joe developed and implemented commercial, financial, performance, governance, compliance, and risk management processes to ensure ongoing IT success as a former Senior Director at Merck.


As Head of Revenue for Medigram, Joe

  • Helps to lead contract negotiations leveraging his 20 years of deep IT contracting, negotiating, and procurement experience.

  • He collaborates with Medigram's CEO, CTO, Finance and helps to provide team leadership across product management, business models, marketing, sales, account management, customer success & services, and end user support functions for Medigram. 




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