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Medigram CEO Named Series Editor to Define Trustworthy Technology & Innovation

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

How the Role of Series Editor for #1 U.S. & Top International Academic Publisher Advances the Job of an Early-Stage Healthcare IT CEO, Sherri Douville at Medigram Inc.

This blog is an adaptation of a letter sent to the Medigram team explaining the purpose and significance of our CEO being named series editor for top academic press, publisher, Taylor & Francis.

–By the Medigram Team

Academic grade medical information “publications” are at the foundation of every successful long-standing innovation in healthcare technology (vs wellness). That’s why companies like Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic put major budgets, competencies, and headcount around medical publications. Without this, you never gain trust with necessary stakeholders in healthcare. This is reminiscent of enormous waste by multi-billion dollar established companies and startup failures alike in healthcare technology.

Building trust in Medigram and respect amongst the ecosystem is essential to success and this is one the greatest levers for doing that.

Therefore, we’re thrilled to reach the level of series editor as announced here to take a role in shaping our field with top academic publisher, Taylor & Francis. This is earned, not a paid for opportunity. Taylor and Francis is the place where leaders in academia in medicine, engineering, policymakers and industry leaders in healthcare IT go to learn about the future.

Read more including the description of these series on the originally published blog here.

Check out the press release here

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